NFL Week 4 Preview

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Ravens @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Mike: The Pats looked much better against the Falcons last week. They may have things back on track. Still, the Ravens are going to be the best team in football for about the first 6 weeks. That’s how this works. At the end of the year some team that looks terrible right now will wind up making a run to the Super Bowl. Pick: Ravens
Ahad: Ravens are rolling right now and the Pats aren’t at full speed yet. Pick: Ravens
Matt: It’s Tom Brady versus one of the top young QB’s for the 4th week in a row. This time it is Flacco, and the Ravens right now are considered one of the, if not the best, teams in the league. The Patriots played better last week, especially in the run game and defensively, but can they keep it up two weeks in a row? I have my doubts. Pick: Ravens
Evan: I just want to be different. Pick: Pats

Jets @ Saints, Sunday 4:05pm
Mike: End of the line for the Jets. If the Ravens are the best all-around, the Saints are right behind, with the best offense. Brees didn’t get any TD passes last week. That makes Drew angry. Pick: Saints
Ahad: The streak for the Jets ends this week. A rookie QB can’t keep winning like this. Brees at home takes care of business. Pick: Saints
Matt: This ought to be a fun one. Can the Jets defense slow Brees and the New Orleans offense? They may be able to slow them down, but stop them? That is another story. And what does Gregg Williams have in store for Sanchez? I think the Saints offense puts up just enough points to get past the Jets in a close one. Pick: Saints
Evan: I want to be different again. I think Sanchez is magical. Pick: Jets

Cowboys @ Broncos, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Possibly my favorite matchup of the week. Denver has been a favorite of mine the last two weeks for my ICH wager points. Of course, playing the Browns and Raiders will do that to you. I think this Broncos team is right around where the Cowboys rate. Whenever you go in with the mindset of ‘Make Orten beat us’ and have the talent to do so, that’s a good sign. Pick: Cowboys
Ahad: Who is going to play rb for the ‘Boys? The Boys have not yet put it together. Broncos win this one at home thanks to B-Dawk. Pick: Denver
Matt: Well, Marion Barber looks like he is good to go for this game, but Tashard Choice can more than hold his own as the lead back. The Broncos have rolled to their 3-0 record against some weak opponents and with a touch of luck. I think the game comes down to which team’s defense can stop the other’s run game. The Broncos come back down to Earth in this one. Pick: Cowboys
Evan: I didn’t think this would be a close one at the beginning of the year, but the Broncos are playing well. Still, it won’t be enough. Pick: Boys

Chargers @ Steelers, Sunday 8:20pm
Mike: Oh, Steelers. Must you tease every year. We all know you are going to make a Super Bowl run. So why do you have to suck for the first 10 weeks. They are so close to being 0-3, but also so close to being 3-0. Steelers should be able to shut down the Chargers running game. Rivers has been throwing well, but so has Roethlisberger. Pick: Steelers
Ahad: The Chargers will have trouble winning in the Burg. Expect a close game with a late fg deciding it. Reed kicks much better at home. Pick: Steelers
Matt: I can’t believe this game is so early in the season. Both teams are slow starters out of the gate but turn it on in the second half of the season and playoffs. The Chargers are playing a little better now than the Steelers. The Steelers are always tough at home and give the Chargers trouble, but I think the Chargers get some payback here. Pick: Chargers
Evan: You don’t think the Steelers are motivated after that loss to the Bengals? Pick: Pittsburgh

Packers @ Vikings, Monday 8:30pm
Mike: Oh no. I’m going to avoid this game and all coverage of this game. I still don’t think the Vikings are all that great. The type of team that will go into Week 17 needing a few things to go right to get in the playoffs. Pick: Packers
Ahad: Forget Favre, this game is about AP running wild. Green Bay won’t be able to stop him. Pick: Vikings
Matt: I agree with Ahad. This game is about Adrian Peterson. Can the Packers stop him? Probably not. I am wondering if there is more pressure on Aaron Rodgers in this game or Favre. I am thinking it is Rodgers, and I feel like he will try too hard in this game and make some mistakes. That is why I like the Vikings. Pick: Vikings
Evan: I am going to fall into the trap of watching all of the coverage for this. Also, I will not be able to watch any football at all this week, so I will want my fix. I think Favre, Peterson, and Harvin run wild. PicK: Vikes

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