NFL Week 3 Preview

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Falcons @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Brady did not look good last week. You have to imagine he’s going to get it together, right? For the Falcons, Matt Ryan seems to already be a big fan of Tony Gonzalez. From an analysis point of view, you have to go Falcons. But when it comes to actually making a pick, this is the sort of game where you underestimate the Pats and they remind you that they are still here. Pick: Patriots
Evan: Oh boy, I don’t know what to make of this game. Are the Patriots dead in the water? I do know that Brady is sucking the life out of my fantasy team. The Falcons look good, but I have to believe New England has more life in them, especially playing at home. Pick: Pats
Matt: I am starting to think the window for the Patriots and their dominance is shrinking rapidly. They should really be 0-2, and just have not looked good on offense or defense at times. The Falcons on the other hand, are playing really well. The questions are still there regarding their defense, but they have been solid so far. I think Matty Ice plays well in his return to where he played his college ball and Michael Turner has a big day running the ball. Pick: Falcons
Ahad: Is it too early to say this is a make or break game for Patriots? They haven’t looked good this season on either side of the ball. This team lost a lot of leadership from last season and has yet to replace it. I think this is the week the Patriots get their act together. Pick: Patriots

Titans @ Jets, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Initial reaction: Titans D messes with Sanchez. Second reaction: Where was the Titans D last week? The Jets gave up 7 points to Houston, Tennessee gave up 34. I see a difference there. The Titans need a win and the Jets bandwagon will explode with a 3rd win. Pick: Titans
Evan: I’m on board the Mark Sanchez bandwagon. I’ve always thought the Titans were overrated and I think they are finally playing to the level that their mediocre existence deserves. Pick: Jets
Matt: I would really like to pick the Jets to win this game, but I know I should not underestimate the Titans. Their defense hasn’t been playing well, but they should turn that around soon. The Jets are coming off a big win over the Patriots and may not be as up for this game. Rex Ryan will probably prevent that from happening, but I think the Titans finally get a W. Pick: Titans
Ahad: The Titans need this game more than the Jets do. I don’t think the Titans can come back from an 0-3 start and make the playoffs. So far I have been impressed by Rex Ryan’s style and the team seems to have taken a liking to him. The Jets might slip after coming off a big win last week. Pick: Titans

49ers @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Mike: I think I’m looking forward to this game the most this weekend. Titans/Jets and Panthers/Cowboys are right there with it. This game is more intriguing because it will figure out a lot more about teams we aren’t sure about. The 9ers have been pretty good against the run so far this year and AP may not be 100%. If they can shut it down can Favre actually do anything? AP should do just enough to win. Pick: Vikings
Evan: First home game for Favre. Niners defense has been sick, as has Frank Gore. Favre has yet to do anything more than be a Trent Dilfer figure, and I don’t remember him getting paid $12 million. Even with Favre just not losing the game, the Vikes have plenty of weapons. Pick: Minnesota
Matt: This a good matchup of two somewhat similar teams. They run the ball well, stop the run, and their QB’s are good game managers. I think the Vikings have a little more talent offensively, and AP at less than 100 percent is still better than most RB’s at 100 percent. I think the Vikings stay undefeated. Pick: Vikings
Ahad: This game will be a good test for the 49ers to see how they compare to what is supposed to be a top team in the NFC. I don’t think the 49ers have enough offense to match the Vikings. This game will be Peterson vs Gore and I will take Peterson any day of the week. Pick: Vikings

Redskins @ Lions, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Awesome. What a matchup. One can only hope for another 9-7 game like last week’s Rams/Redskins game. That game had to wake up the Skins. Had to. Poor Lions. How many picks for Stafford this week? Pick: Redskins
Evan: Matchup of two awful teams. One of two times this year I will pick the Lions to win, because think of how much fun it will be to pick the Lions when they finally win. Pick: Detroit
Matt: I think the Redskins are ripe for an upset. The Lions have been playing well in the first halves of their games before getting blown out, but they also played the Vikings and the Saints. The Redskins have been in a little bit of disarray offensively and their coach has been called out by a Hall of Famer for his play calling. Detroit is at home, and it has been a long time since they won. Come on guys, do it for your fans! Pick: Lions
Ahad: Worst game of the week. The Lions might smell victory on this on. The Skins have a been a major disappointment so far this season. I can’t believe I am going to say this, but I am going with the Lions. Pick: Lions

Dolphins @ Chargers, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: Dolphins should be able to run, Chargers should be able to pass, but the Chargers should be able to run a little too. Pick: Chargers
Evan: Quote from the local sports talk guys about the Dolphins “we will not be talking about them anymore because they are the epitome of mediocrity. We want them to either go 2-14 of 12-4, but they don’t even play adequate football in an exciting fashion.” Pick: Bolts
Matt: Wow, this has been a tough schedule for the Dolphins so far. I expect them pull out all sorts of trick plays this week. San Diego lost a tough one last week to a good Baltimore team. I think they are ready to bounce back. Pick: Chargers
Ahad: San Diego lost a tough game to the Ravens last week. I still am not sure about trying to run the ball up the middle on 4th down to essentially end the game. Rivers has been playing well and despite the fact that LT is out, I still think they come out on top. The Dolphins offense is not explosive enough to keep up. Pick: Chargers

Matt 8-3 (4-1)
Ahad 7-4 (2-3)
Mike 6-5 (3-2)
Evan 6-5 (2-3)

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