NFL Week 11 Preview

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Falcons @ Giants, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Giants are awful right now, but the Falcons are also lousy. Pick: New York
Ahad: Giants are struggling; Falcons might not have Turner. Despite this, I am going against Evan. Pick: Atlanta
Both teams have been struggling of late, but the Giants had a bye last week, so we will find out if they have corrected what has been ailing them. Matt Ryan will need to have a big game regardless of whether Turner plays or not. The Giants D needs to step up, and I see them getting the job done. Pick: New York
Mike: A tossup of mediocrity. Tossup breaker, the Giants are coming off a bye. Pick: Giants

Colts @ Ravens, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Ravens didn’t get much of a tune up against the Browns. Shell Shock City when Indy comes to town! (Dick Vitale voice). Pick: Colts
Ahad: The loss of Suggs is going to hurt the Ravens defense. Colts are riding high after the comeback against the Patriots. Pick: Colts
Matt: The Ravens could really use a big win at home over the Colts. They will need to run the ball to keep Peyton Manning off the field. With the Ravens shaky in the secondary, Manning should again put up his usual numbers. The Colts have been living dangerously the past 3 weeks and it is bound to catch up with them at some point. I still can’t pick against Manning, though. Pick: Colts
Mike: This has all the makings of a letdown game for the Colts. Tough, emotional win the week before tends to have teams come out weak. But this is Peyton, he doesn’t lose anymore apparently. Pick: Colts

Chargers @ Broncos, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Chargers are just better. Pick: San Diego
Ahad: I think I have let be known that I don’t like the Broncos. Pick: Chargers
Matt: The Broncos have crashed with a thud the past couple weeks. Their offense and defense have been exposed. The Chargers have been heating up despite their defense giving up a ton of yards. I believe Chris Simms will be starting in place of Orton, not that it matters. I just don’t think the Broncos have enough offense to contend with the Chargers right now. Pick: San Diego
Mike: I think the loss of Orton is a huge deal. With Simms in they lost any semblance of an offense last week. I don’t know how they didn’t require Grossman in that trade. At least with Orton this pesky Broncos team from earlier in the year might have made a game out of this. Pick: Chargers

Bears @ Eagles, Sunday 8:20pm
Evan: The Eagles are like the FSU of the NFL. Which team will show up? Pick: Philly
Ahad: This game is in Chicago. Momma McNabb will probably have a feast ready for the team. I think they will be able to rebound from a poor effort last week. Cutler will turn the ball over a few times and put the Eagles offense in good positions to score. The key will be the Eagles turning those opportunities into touchdowns rather than field goals. If Sheldon Brown doesn’t play, this game takes on a completely different look. Either way, I like the Birds. They are simply the better team. Pick: Eagles
Matt: The Eagles need a win bad. Cutler needs to not throw interceptions. The Bears defense played better last week, but none of that will matter if Cutler can’t protect the rock. I think the game will be close, but I see the Eagles D making life difficult for the Chicago offense. Pick: Eagles
Mike: These Eagles enjoy picking the ball off and Cutler seems to like to throw them. Of course, most of those guys will have a difficult time grabbing those Cutler throws on crutches. They still have the offense and not having a week of uncertainty with Westbrook should help the gameplan. Pick: Eagles

Titans @ Texans, Monday 8:30pm
Evan: Another monday nighter I will not be watching. Pick: Houston
Ahad: Chris Johnson will torch the Texans defense. Pick: Titans
Matt: I am very intrigued by this game. I like both of these teams, so it is hard to pick. Tennessee has had a rebirth with VY at quarterback. Chris Johnson has had an amazing season. I want to believe in the Texans, but the Titans are hot right now. Pick: Titans
Mike: I haven’t paid close enough attention to the Titans to figure out if Kerry Collins was to blame or if Chris Johnson just woke up. The Texans continue to be a .500 team. I haven’t a clue here but my picks have been dreadful this year and I am running out of weeks to catch up. Pick: Texans

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