NFL Week 11 Recap

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Evan: I was following the Eagles on the computer. Do you think if McNabb knew the game could end in a tie, he would have pushed Reid to go for the touchdown at the end of the game instead of the field goal? The Eagles will miss the playoffs by 1 game and this will be the one that cost them. Disgusting.
Mike: During the second half I accepted the fact that the Eagles are a bad team this year. The game just looked like 2 bad teams going at it. I think it was last year where I had the feeling that they were a bad team and that they needed to miss the playoffs so that management got the message. They missed the playoffs, but not much changed.
Ahad: I can’t believe the players didn’t know the rules. Clearly the players don’t listen when the ref goes over the rules at the beginning of OT. The players are at fault for knowing the rules of the game they are handsomely paid to play, but the coaches are also to blame for not making sure the players know what is going on. I think the players sold Andy Reid out when they said they didn’t know the rules. Reid always covers for his players and never calls anyone out, except for George Hegamin. The Eagles radio broadcaster but it best when he said that neither one of these teams deserved to win the game.
Matt: Have we officially had confirmation that McNabb and the other Eagles players were serious when they said they did not know there could be ties in the NFL? That is ridiculous. I also can’t believe it had been 6 years since there was a tie in a game. I remember there was one season or a couple seasons in a row where there were at least 2 or 3 ties.

Evan: I got to see some of the Tampa game. That is not a brand of football that is fun to watch.
Matt: No Adrian Peterson in on the final Minnesota drive? They were doomed right there.

Mike: I’ve never been a fan of the NFL’s OT rules. At least I know the rules, as opposed to most of the players. McNabb seems to be taking the most heat for his comments, but if you watched the post-game interviews, nobody had a clue. I would much rather see a college style finish, only push the starting field position out to around the 40. Or do it tug-of-war style. This was a mini game in Madden. The ball starts at the 50 with the team that wins the coin flip on offense. Each team takes a play from the spot where the last play ended. Eventually one team will push their way to the end zone to win. Much more exciting. If you are going to OT in the NFL, odds are it’s been a boring game up to that point. I was watching ESPNews yesterday, I’m not sure who was on, but he said there were numerous things to do to fix OT. One of his suggestions was to only allow TDs in the 1st OT, but if it went to a 2nd OT, then allow FGs. That is messed up in so many ways.
Ahad: The OT rules in the NFL are brutal. They will not adopt the college system because many people view it is a gimmick. The NFL doesn’t want to remove the kick return from the game because of the “excitement”. The best OT rules are in the NHL playoffs.
Matt: I guess I am adverse to change as far as the NFL overtime goes. If the NFL were to implement the College overtime, I think all the rules should start being the same across both leagues. I don’t like that in College when you are down, you are down and you don’t need anyone to touch you down. There are others, for sure. I guess, maybe in the future, the rules could become more uniform across both leagues.

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Record (Last Week) 26-24 (3-2) 28-22 (4-1) 26-24 (2-3) 30-20 (4-1)

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