NFL Preview – Week 12

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Giants @ Broncos, Thursday 8:20pm
Ahad: The Broncos are free falling right now and need this game to keep up in the division. Picks: Broncos
Matt: Both teams need a win here, but the Broncos need a win more badly. Will they get it? Not unless their defense plays lights out. Their offense leaves much to be desired. I expect a close game with turnovers the deciding factor. I will be rooting for the Broncos, but I think the Giants take it by a FG. Pick: Giants
Mike: NFL Net is pulling much better Thanksgiving games than the networks lately. When is the last time there has been an interesting game on during the day? With the Lions terrible and the Cowboys decent the last few years, its been a while. Last year’s NFL Net Eagles/Cards game looked interesting until something got into the Eagles and they turned it into a joke quickly. This could happen again as the Broncos look to be spiraling downward. Orton should be back and as long as he can walk, I’m calling it an upgrade. Still, I think the Broncos had their run. Pick: Giants
Evan: I think the Giants got some things figured out last week, although they still aren’t maximizing their potential. Few people know that Justin Tuck loves sweet potato casserole. I have inside information that if the Giants win, his wife is making it for him. If not, he gets nothing. Pick: Giants

Panthers @ Jets, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: Sanchez has been struggling but the Panthers are still a bad team. I like the Jets at home: Pick: Jets
Matt: These teams need a win to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Both QB’s have been turnover machines, so the team that runs it better should have the advantage. I like the tandem of Deangelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Pick: Panthers
Evan: I agree with Ahad’s line of thinking. Pick: Jets
Mike: I can’t explain it, but I like the Panthers. They’ve been playing better the past few weeks. The record may not show it but they’ve played a little tougher competition. Pick: Panthers

Cardinals @ Titans, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: The Cards are a different team without Warner and it looks like he isn’t going to play. The Titans are on a hot streak behind Young and Johnson. Pick: Titans
Matt: Something has got to give here. The Cards are 5-0 on the road and the Titans have won 4 in a row. If the Cards are without Warner, then I don’t think they have a chance. The Cardinals have not been stopping the run as well recently than they were earlier in the year, and that will be key versus Chris Johnson. With or without Warner, the Titans are riding high and look for them to continue their winning ways. Pick: Titans
Evan: How many in a row can the Titans win? I don’t think enough to get into the playoffs, but their streak continues here. Pick: Titans
Mike: If I were one to bet, I’d be sprinting away from this one. Last week’s Titans win over the Texans is the first one where I give them credit for playing better. I’m not sure where Ahad gets his info but my sources (the internet) seem to think Warner is going to play. Pick: Cardinals

Steelers @ Ravens, Sunday 8:20pm
Ahad: Big Ben is banged up and Troy is out. The Steelers defense isn’t the same with him on the sidelines. The Ravens came close to beating Indy last week and will finish the deal this week. Pick: Ravens
Matt: The Steelers screwed me over last week with my wager points. Rarely do I put all 10 points on one team, but I did last week. I still can’t believe they lost that game. The Ravens played the Colts tough, but they had to settle for 5 FG’s. If any one of those drives ended up in a touchdown, they would have won. Can the Steelers really lose 3 in a row? I think they might. Pick: Ravens
Evan: Ben is essentially playing with a concussion. I think the Ravens take advantage. Pick: Baltimore
Mike: How come everyone is extra cautious these days about concussions except for Big Ben. After my proclamation that the Steelers were ready to roll into the playoffs, they haven’t done very much. The Ravens have only lost games that you would expect them to lose thus far. Potentially a fun Sunday night game. Pick: Ravens

Patriots @ Saints, Monday 8:30pm
Ahad: The Saints haven’t put up the same offensive numbers the last few weeks, but will be fired up for this game. This game represents a good measuring stick for them. Home field will push the Saints over the top. Pick: Saints
Matt: This one will be a shootout. The Saints are always tough at home, but if any team wouldn’t be fazed by the Superdome atmosphere, it would be the Patriots. Which defense will step up? I am sure the Patriots are still smarting over that loss to Colts two weeks ago. They won’t blow this one. Pick: Patriots
Evan: Nothing would give a devious mind like Belichek more pleasure than knocking off the Saints. Pick: Patriots
Mike: Saints. Saints. Saints. I have no good reason to pick against them until they lose. Pick: Saints

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