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Colts @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm
Mike: Wasn’t Chicago supposed to be terrible and they easily took out the Colts? I haven’t seen Peyton, so I’m not sure how bad he looked. The Vikings looked good against the Packers, just not good enough to win. Pick: Vikings
Matt: Chicago ran roughshod over the Colts last week, and you can expect more of the same from the Vikings. The loss of Ed Johnson will further affect the defensive line’s play. However, I can’t see the Colts going out and losing this game. The Metrodome is a very noisy stadium, and I think Peyton, with his experience, will pull this game out. Tarvaris Jackson’s inexperience will again show. Pick: Colts
Ahad: Waiving Ed Johnson will hurt the Colts run defense and by now everyone should know that I am a huge Adrian Peterson fan. I believe this game will come down the quarterback play. No one can disagree that the Colts have the edge in this department. Pick: Colts
Evan: I don’t have much analysis on this game. Peyton doesn’t lose 2 in a row. Pick: Colts

Bills @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm
Mike: I was not on the Bills bandwagon coming into the season. Is it time to get on? With Brady going down things are looking good for them. The Jags’ was a popular bandwagon but they lost to the Titans. After all the Vince Young talk this week I had forgotten that the Titans won that game. Pick: Bills
Matt: The Bills played great last week in all phases of the game, and the Jaguars were a mess. I can’t see the Jags playing back to back bad games, but the Bills will be ready. They will come back down to earth for a little bit anyways. I like the Jags at home. Pick: Jaguars
Ahad: The Jags are tough to beat at home. This team will be ready to play after a bad game last week. I don’t see the Bills putting together a string of good games. Pick: Jaguars
Evan: I’m actually a little excited to watch this game on tv. Everyone in Florida was in a bit of shock after the Jags lost last week. I’ve been waiting for the Bills to re-emerge since the Jim Kelly days. I think this is the year. Pick: Bills

Saints @ Redskins, Sunday 1pm
Mike: The Saints will be without Marques Colston for a few weeks. He wasn’t a huge part of their win last week against the Bucs. I didn’t see the Redskins loss to the Giants, but I can’t image it was a very pretty game. Pick: Saints
Matt: This game probably won’t be very close. The Redskins were awful last week, and Jason Campbell still needs a few more weeks to adjust to Jim Zorn’s new offense. Pick: Saints
Ahad: The Redskins played like dogs last week. Jason Campbell looked lost on the field. This will be a good game for the Saints to display their offensive adjustments due to Colston’s injury. Pick: Saints
Evan: Saints win one for Colston. Pick: Saints

Patriots @ Jets, Sunday 4:15pm
Mike: That Patriots game last week tells me nothing about this team. They were shocked that Brady was out. The fact that they held it together to win tells me enough about this team. Either outcome will lead to storylines that I don’t care to listen to: Cassel saves the season or Farve is still the greatest ever. Pick: Patriots
Matt: The Patriots held it together last week … barely. And let’s remember they were playing the Chiefs. There is no love lost between these two teams. It will be a tough game on both sides of the ball. I give Favre the edge over Cassell, but slightly, taking into account Favre’s penchant for giving the ball away. Pick: Jets
Ahad: I am getting tired of hearing about Brady’s injury. He got hurt and everyone has to move to on. The NFL season will not be lost because of Brady’s injury. I think the Pats will actually have a balanced offense. Pick: Patriots
Evan: I’m going with the “what goes around comes around” philosophy on this. I hate Belichek and most Patriot fans. I’m a Favre guy. He gets it done. Pick: J-E-T-S JETS!

Eagles @ Cowboys, Monday 8:30pm
Mike: Both teams looked good last week and blew out their opponents. The Browns are a better team than the Rams, but did you expect the Eagles to go out and put up 100 points? Would that have made the performances equal? I think the Cowboys will be pumped by the home opener and get out quickly but not pull away. It will be close to the end and I will be struggling to keep my eyes open. I still have to go … Pick: Cowboys
Matt: Both teams looked very good last week, and the Eagles always give the Cowboys trouble, especially at home over the past few years. If Jessica Simpson is present, I will take the Eagles. If she isn’t there, I will take the Cowboys. Actually, I just think the Cowboys are the better team all around. Pick: Cowboys in a close one.
Ahad: This should be the best game of the week. Both teams played well last week and are looking to keep the momentum going. I hope Jessica will be in attendance, because that can only help the Eagles. Pick: Eagles in a close one.
Evan: I hope I can stay awake the whole game. I will be watching it at a sports bar that has all you can eat wings and yeungling (wing and yeung). This is set up too perfectly for the Cowboys to make a statement, so I’m going to pick the team I’m rooting for. Pick: Eagles

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