NFL Week 7 Preview

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Evan: I went 4-1 going against my instincts last week, so we’re gonna stick with that system.

Seems like a good plan. Evan’s big week put him in the front of the pack. Ahad was a little too busy this week, he took just enough time to get me his picks.

Minnesota @ Chicago, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Instincts say take the Bears at home. Orton is coming into his own and the defense, while not as lights out as it used to be, is still capable of shutting anybody down. Pick: Minnesota
Mike: These teams have nearly identical stats against the run this year (ypg: MIN 73.7 CHI 74.3). I give Adrian Peterson and the Vikings run offense a slight advantage. On the other hand, the Bears throw for more yards but also give up more in the passing game. The Vikings seems to be playing right at the level of their opponent. You don’t want to do that in Chicago against the Bears. Pick: Bears
Matt: I don’t know what to think about Minnesota. They needed the bonehead play of the year (maybe ever?) from Dan Orlovsky to beat a weak Detroit team. Chicago has lost some really tough ballgames, and they are typically formidable at home. Pick: Chicago
Ahad: Bears

San Diego @ Buffalo, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Buffalo is playing as good as anybody in the league. It’s always difficult for a west coast team to travel east. The Chargers have been inconsistent this year. Pick: San Diego
Mike: My first reaction is that I’m not sure if the Chargers are any good and that I want the Bills to be good, which could cloud my judgment. The Bills only loss was 2 weeks ago to the Cardinals, which doesn’t look as bad as it did at the time. Plus, Trent Edwards was hurt early in that game. He’s back this week. San Diego had to play Sunday night and now have to head to Buffalo. Pick: Bills
Matt: Game of the week. Buffalo has had two weeks to prepare for this game, and Dick Jauron will have his team ready to go. Buffalo had been playing great in all 3 phases of the game until they lost Edwards and played poor defensively against the Cardinals. Buffalo should be able to exploit the Charger’s defense, but Rivers and the Charger’s offense should be able to put up some points of their own. Buffalo is awfully tough at home, though. Pick: Buffalo
Ahad: San Diego

Indianapolis @ Green Bay, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: This is a whopper of a game. Indy looks like they have finally figured out how to play football again. Green Bay started off hot and has since cooled down, but the game is at Lambeau Field. Instincts say Peyton is ready to play again. Pick: Packers
Mike: This game is important for the Packers to keep pace with the winner of the Vikings/Bears game. Problem is, looks like Peyton and Indy are back and Rodgers is still a little banged up. The Colts finally won in Lucas Oil Stadium last week, that would have been my only concern. Their matchup against the Titans next week is much more intriguing for me. I don’t think the Colts are looking ahead to that one at all just yet. Pick: Colts
Matt: The Colts could get caught looking ahead to next week’s game against the Titans, but that doesn’t usually happen to a Peyton Manning led team. The key to the game will be Dominic Rhodes’ ability to run on the Packers D. The Packers struggled in winning against Seattle who was playing Charlie Frye at QB. Lambeau is not as intimidating as it used to be. Pick: Indianapolis
Ahad: Indy

Cleveland @ Washington, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: I’m glad this game was included. Cleveland surprised everybody last week and the Skins have gone downhill since taking it to the Cowboys. Instincts say the Browns are a flash in the pants and the Skins re-group at home. Pick: Browns
Mike: Before last week there is no way this game looks even close. Can the Browns knock off another NFC East team? With the Redskins losing the the Rams they could lose to anybody. I think they bounce back. Pick: Redskins
Matt: The Redskins aren’t going to underestimate any team after the debacle against St. Louis last week. Cleveland showed up big time last week to knock off the defending champs. If Cleveland can get a similar defensive effort as they did against the Giants, they can win this game. Pick: Cleveland
Ahad: Redskins

Denver @ New England, Monday 8:30pm
Evan: Denver can’t stop anybody. New England can’t either. New England apaprently also cannot score any points. Cassel’s confidence has to be at an all time low. Pick: Patriots
Mike: Last week I was a fan of the Patriots and picked them to beat the Chargers. No more. I thought the team would get better under Cassel each week but I’m not seeing it. Pick: Broncos
Matt: I think Denver’s defense is slowly starting to improve, and I do mean slowly. There should be some points put up in this game by both teams. I would love nothing more than the Patriots to keep piling the losses on. It will be close, but I think Cutler makes more plays than Cassel. Pick: Denver
Ahad: Patriots

Mike: Bye week for the Eagles, which is huge. They need to recover from injuries to Westbrook (should be back), Andrews (who knows), and Brown (haven’t heard anything). And what happened to Kevin Curtis? He was hoping to play against the 49ers but didn’t. I have to imagine he’ll be ready to go for next week. He will be a huge addition. The current batch of receivers have been playing well but he’s better than all of them.

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