NFL Week 15 Preview

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Buccaneers @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The home team will prevail yet again in the NFC South. Pick: Falcons
Mike: This one looks like a tossup. A Bucs win puts them in a very nice position to make the playoffs, with their last games being at home against the Chargers and Raiders. My concern with this game is that Garcia is questionable. Pick: Falcons
Matt: The home teams won again in their matchups last week. Can the Buccaneers defense turn it around after the beating they took last week? Most likely. Monte Kiffin will have them ready and playing better this week, but I don’t think it will be enough. Pick: Falcons

Bills @ Jets, Sunday 1pm
Ahad: The Bills are taking on a lot of water. This team is nothing like the one from the beginning of the season. The Jets still have a good chance at winning the division. Pick: Jets
Mike: What happened to both of these teams? The Jets took over as AFC East favorites and then lost to the Broncos and 49ers. I think the Jets at least have some life in them, the Bills appear to have given up. Pick: Jets
Matt: The Bills have not been playing that well at all, and they will have J. P. Losman guiding them this weekend I believe. Brett Favre is going to have to start making plays for the Jets. I think he gets it done here. Pick: Jets

Vikings @ Cardinals, Sunday 4:05pm
Ahad: The Cards have the division wrapped up and the Vikings are in desperate need of wins. The Vikings should be able to run the ball against the Cards defense. Peterson carries his team to victory. Pick: Vikings
Mike: The Cardinals have clinched the NFC West, but that isn’t saying much. They have looked out of it the last few weeks. With their playoff berth assured, I don’t see them getting up for this one. Pick: Vikings
Matt: The Cardinals have been pretty good against the run this year, but they haven’t seen a running back like Adrian Peterson. They have also been tough at home, so it’s hard to call this game. Will Tarvaris Jackson be able to make some plays? Hopefully, he won’t have to. The Vikings need the win to maintain their one game lead over the Bears. Pick: Cardinals

Steelers @ Ravens, Sunday 4:15pm
Ahad: This should be a great defensive game. If you are a fan of great offensive games, don’t bother to watch this one. I predict a low-scoring defensive struggle with some violent collisions. This game will come down to which defense is able to force turnovers and possibly put points on the boards. The Ravens have the edge on special teams, and I believe that could be a big factor in the game. Pick: Ravens
Mike: I don’t understand these east coast 4pm kickoffs. It’s cold enough at 1. I’m enjoying watching the Steelers in these cold games though. They seem to me like early in the season it was just too warm for them to play. Pick: Steelers
Matt: The Ravens had this game back in September before the Steelers came back to force overtime and win. Should be another great game between these two teams that have serious hatred towards each other. Should be a lot of good hittin’ and we shall see if this so-called ‘bounty’ on Hines Ward comes to fruition. I actually think the Ravens are more balanced of a team than the Steelers, and that is why I like them. Pick: Ravens

Giants @ Cowboys, Sunday 8:15pm
Ahad: The Giants are angry after the loss to the Eagles and the Cowboys are in turmoil again. Pick: Giants
Mike: I’ve never seen as many items on the Bottom Line than there were for the Cowboys this week. Between TO’s comments about Romo/Witten, Jerry Jones’ comments about Barber, and Pacman’s injury tit took a few minutes to get through them all. Who would have thought the team with the star player who shot himself would be the team with less drama. Pick: Giants
Matt: Yikes, what a week. It is clearly obvious that ESPN and the media love anything having to do with the Cowboys. Even though everyone seems to be downplaying these reports, there must be some truth to it. What is TO’s deal? Maybe if Romo trusted him to secure a catch in a critical situation, then maybe he would throw to him more. Witten is the more consistent and reliable threat. Anyways, should be a close game. Both teams have their injuries and scandal issues. The Cowboys need to find a way to fight through everything going on around the team. They played tough last week, and should have won the game in a hostile environment. If they play with the same intensity and heart, they should take this game. Pick: Cowboys

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