NFL Week 14 Preview

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Eagles @ Giants, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Eagles need it, Giants don’t. Also, when’s the last time the Eagles won a game they weren’t supposed to? They’re due. Pick: Philly
Ahad: Eagles have to win this game. Pick: Giants
Mike: The Eagles took care of Arizona with no problem on Thanksgiving. They were able to shut down a running game that the Cardinals don’t have. Good work. The Giants will have no problem running the ball. The Eagles problems on 3rd & short will continue. Pick: Giants
Matt: The Eagles really do need this game to stay in the playoff hunt. It will be interesting to see if the Giants can continue to play up to their standards amid the media circus surrounding the Plaxico situation. I think the Giants could be vulnerable in this game. The Eagles were just some bad playcalling away from possibly beating the Giants when they met in Philly last month. I still think the Giants will win this game though. Pick: New York

Falcons @ Saints, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I’m on the Matt Ryan bandwagon. Pick: Atlanta
Ahad: I believe the Saints are going to have to deal with suspensions this week. I think NFC South teams have lost at home only twice this year, I am going against that trend. Pick: Atlanta
Mike: I think the suspensions won’t be in effect this weekend after all the appeals. Not that it will change much. I don’t think the Saints can hang. Pick: Falcons
Matt: I keep needing the Falcons to lose, but they just aren’t doing it. New Orleans is back home, and as Ahad mentioned, NFC South teams have been tough at home. The Falcons should be able to run the ball, especially if the suspensions for the Saints take effect. If the Saints can stop the run just enough, I think Brees and their offense will put up enough points to win. Pick: New Orleans

Dolphins @ Bills, Sunday 4:05pm (in Toronto)
Evan: The fish can’t handle the cold waters of Buffalo. Pick: Bills
Ahad: The game is in Toronto. Fans have petitioned to have them open the roof of the former Sky Dome. Pick: Dolphins
Mike: When I was reading about the game in Toronto they said that the goal was to have the roof open as much as possible. I don’t know what to make of this Bills team. They were everyone’s favorite to win the division and since have gone 1-5. Pick: Dolphins
Matt: Miami shouldn’t beat Buffalo at home (even if it is Toronto), but Buffalo lost to San Francisco last week. The Bills’ special teams need to make some plays, unlike last week when they couldn’t make a chip shot field goal. If the special teams make a bunch of plays, I like the Bills. I just don’t think they will make enough. Pick: Miami

Cowboys @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: I feel like this is the game to watch. Gotta have the Cowboys lose this one. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: Pac-Man coming back doesn’t make a difference. Pick: Steelers
Mike: I’ve heard a lot of talk about how the Cowboys are ‘back.’ Really? Your proof is the Skins, Niners, and Seahawks. No thanks. The Steelers are at the top of the league right now with the Giants. Pick: Steelers
Matt: Best game of the week. I am super excited, except for the fact I am going to miss it. I am going to the Seahawks game (thanks to Bobby Engram) and the game is not airing on Fox because of the stupid rule that when a Seahawks game is on, that can be the only game on, even though they are on separate stations. Hopefully, I can catch it later in the week on NFL Network Replay. The Cowboys’ playoff chances aren’t going to go down the drain if they lose, but it would be a certain confidence booster if they win. If the offensive line can protect Romo, he should be able to pick apart the Steelers secondary. It is supposed to be cold and possibly snowy, so whoever can run the ball better should win the game. The Cowboys just can’t turn the ball over. If they do, the Steelers will win. Gotta go with the my team, though. Pick: Dallas

Buccaneers @ Panthers, Monday 8:30pm
Evan: Can’t pick against the worst 9-3 team in NFL history. Pick: Bucs
Ahad: Panthers are rolling. Maybe Steve Smith will actually get in the end zone this week. Pick: Panthers
Mike: Panthers are rolling. Bucs are pretty hot themselves. Not an especially appealing MNG game on the surface but actually may be one of the best matchups of the year. It looks like a toss-up to me. I trust in Jeff Garcia. Pick: Buccaneers
Matt: Cowboys have the tiebreaker over the Buccaneers, so I will be rooting for the Panthers. Carolina got blown out earlier this season by Tampa Bay, but this game will be much closer. Gotta go with the home team in the NFC South. Pick: Carolina

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