NFL Week 13 Preview

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Giants @ Redskins, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Giants have everything going for them, but the Redskins need the win more. Having said that, the Giants are too good. Pick: New York
Matt: I have to keep rooting for the Giants to take out the other divisional foes, so Dallas can have a clearer path to the playoffs. I think the Redskins have shown their true colors the past few weeks with the two losses in a row and then barely getting by the Seahawks. Clinton Portis is nicked up, and the Redskins really need to be able to run the ball to have a chance. They will fight hard and keep it close, but the G-Men will pull out the win. Pick: New York
Mike: I’m with Matt, I don’t think the Redskins are anything special. While they are 7-4, their biggest win was 8 points over the Lions. Not impressive. Pick: Giants
Ahad: The Giants are on a roll. The Redskins are haven’t proven anything to me yet. Pick: Giants

Saints @ Buccaneers, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Has there ever been a less glamorous 8-3 team than Tampa Bay? Pick: Bucs
Matt: The Saints were very impressive offensively on Monday Night. The defense stepped up and made plays when they needed to. However, Tampa’s defense should be able to slow down the Saints offense somewhat, and the Saints aren’t necessarily stout on defense, so the Bucs should score some points. The home team in these NFC South matchups has dominated this year, and I think the trend will continue here. Pick: Tampa Bay
Mike: That Saints performance the other night makes them a tempting pick. However, I learned to not go against the Bucs at home. Pick: Buccaneers
Ahad: The Bucs are tough to beat to beat at home and the Saints haven’t played well on the road. Despite an impressive win on Monday night, I am going against them. Pick: Bucs

Falcons @ Chargers, Sunday 4:05pm
Evan: Matt Ryan on the road? I don’t stink so. Pick: San Diego
Matt: Can you believe San Diego can still win the division at 4-7? I am not sure I have ever seen a team lose such close, heart breaking games in a season. This will be a tough one for the Falcons. They seem to have the advantage in this game, but San Diego is extremely desperate. A Falcons loss helps the Cowboys in their Wild Card chase. Pick: San Diego
Mike: The Chargers have had some tough times, a lot of that has to do with the difficult schedule the past few weeks. 1-4 in their last 5, that 1 being a 1 point win over KC. Ryan is 2-3 on the road for the Falcons, I don’t think you can take too much out of that. Pick: Falcons
Ahad: The Charges need this win. Ryan will struggle on the road and with Ron Rivera’s different blitz schemes. Pick: Chargers

Steelers @ Patriots, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: The Steelers may be one of the few teams who can go into New England and win in November. Matt Cassel has been playing lights out. Pick: New England
Matt: Matt Cassel will be under siege this entire game from the Steeler D. Ben Roethlisberger will probably be under the same predicament. I expect the Steelers defense to get a few takeaways and the offense to get the ground game going. Pick: Pittsburgh
Mike: Cassel has been playing better, but he hasn’t seen a defense like the Steelers. I haven’t watched enough of the Steelers to understand how they are winning, but they are. Pick: Steelers
Ahad: This should be a solid matchup. The Steelers excel at stopping the run, but the Patriots don’t run the ball. The Pats will try and spread them out and throw the ball, which was successful for them all of last year. The Pats will look to apply a lot of pressure to Big Ben. The difference in this game will be which defense comes up with the big play. I see Big Ben turning the ball over at least once. Pick: Pats

Bears @ Vikings, Sunday 8:15pm
Evan: One more loss and the Vikings are done. Bears will stick a fork in them. Pick: Chicago
Matt: Chicago was able to beat the Vikings earlier this season in a high scoring affair where the Vikings special teams played horribly. Hopefully, they have that fixed by now. The winner of this game gets a leg up in the division. Pick: Minnesota
Mike: I’m not sure about either one of these teams. The Bears had an ugly loss to the Packers but got lucky in following that up with the Rams. Matt mentioned it was a shoot out of sorts. I don’t think the Bears up up those sort of points again. Pick: Vikings
Ahad: I don’t see another shootout in this one. Peterson had a little spat with Childress last week and I think he comes out on fire in this game. The Vikings will be able to control the Bears running game and the Bears passing game doesn’t scare anyone. Pick: Vikings

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