NFL Week 10 Preview

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Saints @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Two dome teams. Atlanta is the New Orleans of a couple years ago. A home game for the Falcons with a division rival. I gotta go with the hot QB. Pick: Atlanta
Mike: Pick: Falcons I’m going to start with the pick. The Saints haven’t shown me anything except a few big plays by Reggie Bush, who likely won’t be playing. At this point it looks like Matt Ryan will only have trouble with tough defensive fronts. I wouldn’t put the Saints on that list.
Matt: The Saints need a win to keep pace with the rest of the division. Their offense can move the ball but the questions remain about their defense. Meanwhile, Atlanta has been playing above expectations on both sides of the ball. I like Atlanta to continue to play well and win a close one. Pick: Atlanta
Ahad: The Saints defense has been a problem all season long. I don’t see them fixing their problems now. They won’t cause Matt Ryan and that running game any problems. Pick: Atlanta

Titans @ Bears, Sunday 1pm
Evan: I guess the Titans are pretty good. Sexy Rexy is back for the Bears, unless Orton pulls a Kirk Gibson. I’m going to continue to pick against the Titans until they lose. Pick: Bears
Mike: I knew Evan would be all over Sexy Rexy. I’m also concerned about Evan’s twisted logic of picking against the undefeated team until they lose. This game will be studied by future QBs for years to come. What is the over/under on TD passes? I’m going to say whichever team has the TD pass wins. It’s about time Collins gets one. Pick: Titans
Matt: If Orton were playing, I would be tempted to pick the upset. With Sexy Rexy, I don’t see them having as good of a chance. Grossman is turnover prone, and the Titans are great at taking the ball away. Both teams have good run games, and good defenses, so whoever can move the ball through the air better wins it. I think Collins protects the ball better than Grossman. Pick: Tennessee
Ahad: Orton or not, I like the Titans. Pick: Titans

Bills @ Patriots, Sunday 1pm
Evan: Bills have faltered lately, and Belichek rarely loses two in a row. Pick: Pats
Mike: Bellichek rarely loses 2 in a row, or Brady rarely loses 2 in a row? You also might say Dick Jauron doesn’t lose 3 in a row. I don’t know why you’d say that though, I have no proof if that is in any way factual. The Patriots impressed me by not getting blown out by the Colts. There is a ringing endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. Pick: Patriots
Matt: The Bills need a win badly, and they haven’t beaten a division opponent yet. Will their desperation for a win be enough? Belichick will have his team ready as usual, and this game has a field goal feel to it. I am gonna go with the Bills, just because they need the win more. Pick: Buffalo
Ahad: Pick: Patriots

Colts @ Steelers, Sunday 4:15pm
Evan: Steelers are hobbled all over the field. Colts looked good against New England. Pick: Indy
Mike: My plan for the Steelers is for them to lose to all the NFC East teams and beat everyone else. Then they went and lost to Washington and screwed that all up. This is not a 13 or 14 win team, so they can’t just lost to the NFC East now. I like the Steelers at home. Their pitfalls come in the next few weeks. Pick: Steelers
Matt: The way the Steelers attacked Campbell and the Redskins offensive line last week was downright scary. The current Colts offensive line is not as good, so I am fearing for Peyton Manning’s life. If anyone can solve the Dick LeBeau blitzes, it would be Manning, so I feel the Colts have a fighting shot in this game. But the Steelers at home, and having a good run game, not to mention their stout defense, will propel them to the win. Pick: Pittsburgh
Ahad: Pick: Colts

Giants @ Eagles, Sunday 8:15pm
Evan: Much bigger game for the Eagles than it is for the Giants. I think Philly comes out more fired up then any game they’ve played so far. Pick: Eagles, in a squeaker
Mike: The Eagles have slowly been getting things together leading up to this game. I think the offense is clicking well enough. I think the key will be the Eagles D-line getting a little pressure on Eli Manning and the secondary, who should be pumped for this matchup, making a few plays. The Eagles will just need to shut down the Giants running game enough to keep the score low. Pick: Eagles
Matt: It is unlikely Dallas can win the division, so I just have to hope for the Giants to continue to beat everyone else. Philly/New York games are always a treat to watch. The Eagles keep it close, but the Giants run game will wear down the Eagles front and the Giants pull it out in the 4th. Pick: New York
Ahad: Pick: Eagles

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