Super Bowl Preview

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Evan: I pick the Cardinals. I have a source who has been telling me that the Steelers have been out partying in Tampa all week. Kurt Warner is the greatest quarterback of our generation, perhaps the greatest football player of all time. The only person who can cover Larry Fitzgerald is Usain Bolt, but he would probably pull up as they were nearing the goal line. Playing in the warm weather will hurt Pittsburgh, as they are more successful when conditions are unfit for human beings to be outdoors.

Mike: I don’t know about anyone else but I have no desire to watch this game. While I said a while back that I liked the Steelers this season, that didn’t mean I wanted them to win the Super Bowl. I’m indifferent toward the Cardinals, their only negative was knocking the Eagles out of it. Unfortunately there really aren’t any options of things to do during the Super Bowl. So it looks like I’ll be watching. It used to be that even with a matchup that I didn’t care about there was the draw of the commercials. Now you can watch them all online the day after (I think some might already be available).

As for the game. The Cardinals just need Curt Warner to pick apart the Steelers defense. Bouldin needs to show up and have his head in the game. Their running backs just need to hang onto the ball to be considered a success. The Cardinals D should be able to hold their own, at least enough to let the offense keep pace in front. Wow, it sounds like I’m leaning toward the Cardinals. But that’s how it’s been all season in Steelers games. How they won didn’t make sense, especially early in the season when every RB was injured and the O-line was just allowing free shots on Roethlisberger. If the Steelers win, it will be a close game. Anything goes for a Cardinals win. They could get out hot like they did in the NFC Championship, only this time they’d know to not let up. Pick: Cardinals

Ahad: I am not very excited about this game. I will watch it only because it is the Super Bowl and I need something to hold me over until the Combine and Draft Season. This game has the potential to be a blowout. The Cardinals have to hope that Kurt Warner is on his game, because if not, they are in trouble. The Steelers might overlook the Cardinals because no one predicted them to win and the Cards aren’t getting much respect. Look for the Steelers to blitz and try to get some hits on Warner because he has a history of turning the ball over after a few shots. I will be rooting for the Cardinals, but I think the Steelers will win because of their defense. Pick: Steelers (I can’t be accused of picking with my rooting interest in this case).

Matt: I don’t care who is playing, but I am always going to be excited to watch the Super Bowl. Anything can happen in any particular game throughout a season. Just look at who was playing in the NFC Championship Game…a 9-7 Cardinals team and a 9-6-1 Eagles team, and the Cardinals of all teams are playing in the Super Bowl! The Steelers are favored by a touchdown or so as they should be. They survived one of the toughest schedules ever and are the more experienced team. Like Mike said, nobody knows how the Steelers kept winning and pulling games out, they just flat out won. I feel that the Cardinals have a very good chance of winning, but they obviously have to do a few things: 1. Take care of the football 2. Don’t get out-physicaled 3. Protect Kurt Warner. I am not all that impressed by the Steelers offense, and I like the way the Cardinals are playing defense. They just need to keep things in front of them and make sure they tackle Roethlisberger when they get to him, and they WILL get to him. If the play breaks down and turns into a backyard free for all, the advantage goes to Big Ben in those situations. I like what the Cards are doing on offense…they just need to continue that. They must establish some semblance of a running game, but their yards will come through the air. Warner just has to be smart with the football and get it out quick to the hot reads. I will be rooting for the Cards, and picking them too. Pick: Cardinals, 24-16

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