My Week 2

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Penn State defeated Syracuse 28-7 on Saturday. Not as much a blowout as last year’s game, but this is an improved Syracuse team. The major concern for Penn State is still the running game. Temple next week.

I was able to catch all the later games back at the hotel. I need a few more games to make any firm prognostications. ND and Michigan are evenly matched but I’m not sure how they should be (or if they should be) ranked. Same goes for USC and Ohio State. USC is no where near last year’s level, which is to be expected but they have always reloaded so strongly the last few years it’s a bit of a surprise.

My average games of the week:
Washington 42 Idaho 23 – Not close, but UW hadn’t won in a while.
Hawaii 38 Washington State 20 – Not close either, the Apple Cup should be a blast again this year. Get your tickets early!
Indiana 23 Western Michigan 19 – That’s more like it for my sake, but not for Indiana’s. Indiana might make this list again this weekend against Akron.
Oregon 38 Purdue 36 – One of the best games of the day that was just on too late.

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