My Pleasure

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A few months ago I went to Chick-Fil-A and noticed that every time that I said, ‘Thank You’, they responded with ‘My Pleasure’. I hadn’t even gone in, this was just from the drive-thru.

I say Thank You a bunch when I’m at fast food restaurants. Probably because I figure the people don’t want to be there and I want them to know I appreciate the effort. I say it as in, ‘I have no problem getting everything together myself, really, I’ll jump over the counter and pick out everything I need, no problem. I’m just happy you are there to do it for me.’

Something about the My Pleasure caught my ear though. I’m not used to hearing that. I’ll take a You’re Welcome, or even a Yep. My Pleasure stuck out, and everyone did it. On the intercom. Paying. Getting my food. It happened again the next time I went too. I had a few theories. That it was just this one store’s manager was my first guess. Maybe it was corporate and all the stores did it. The Chick-Fil-A owners are pretty religious (I assume because there is no other reason to be closed on Sundays), maybe they decide to stress friendliness.

I mentioned this to my family, as I do many of my stupid observations. Just think about this one. If your sibling told you this story, would you even continue to listen the whole way through, let alone think about it later?

This weekend, I got a txt from my sister saying she went to a Chick-Fil-A in North Carolina and they said My Pleasure 5 times. Meaning that 1) this has to be some corporate thing and 2) my sister says thank you as often as I do.

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