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I decided to do a little reorganizing around here. Currently Borderline Fantastic seems to have two purposes:

Sports – Picks from my friends, Unbiased Picks, Ice Cream Helmet related posts, and the occasional commentary (too occasional in my opinion).

Me – Random stuff I find, videos, music, links. Plus, random thoughts I have from my daily travels.

Now all of these get posted on the main BF page. The sports stuff has its own page if you only care about that. A while back I tried an entertainment section to handle my posts about movies, TV, and music. Still, there was a lot of stuff that didn’t have a home and sort of got lost on the main page.

I decided to start my own page for ‘my stuff’. It will have all those things I find or want to post. Having it on my own page will keep me from worrying about things getting confusing on the main page. Some sports stuff will appear on this page as well as the sports page as I decide what the audience should be.

The main page still needs to be reorganized to make it clear that there are different sections. Not quite sure how I’m going to do that yet.

Here are the relevant links to the pages and feeds. The main feed will include everything posted to BF.
Main Page, RSS
Sports, RSS
My Page, RSS

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