Motion City Soundtrack – My Dinosaur Life … awesome

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I’ve been anxious for this album since I heard the first track. It came out this week and I grabbed it from Amazon MP3. It’s as excellent as I had hoped. I’ll have to listen a few more times. I’m going with posting Stand Too Close here. It caught my ear out of the songs I hadn’t heard already. Meaning Your Words Destroyed My Planet and A Lifeless Ordinary are also in the running for best of the album.

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited for an album, but this is a good month. I think Tuesday brings The Wonder Years and new The Rocket Summer in about a month.

Also, I’m trying something new. Links to Amazon where you can get what I’m talking about. I’m not a big fan of the limited options for the links. I’d like the one I have here in a horizontal flavor.

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