Most Popular in July

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I was away for the first half of the month and getting things back in order the second half. While nothing was posted, there were still some visitors. I’m curious to see what was popular.

1. Will I become a Safari User? – Likely still popular from earlier in the month from a link I had in a comment on TUAW.
2. Everywhere I go I keep her picture in my wallet – This was a post about some Gym Class Heroes songs. I think they have a new album coming out. Maybe that’s why this became popular.
3. Baseball Picks on Ice Cream Helmet – I talked about this one last month. No new sign-ups on Ice Cream Helmet but this post keeps getting views.
4. Skimboard in your yard – Same spot as last month. No surprise its still here. It was posted in June.
5. Top 5 Things I secretly miss about the 80s – This might be the most popular Fives. Kathleen came up with it back in December 2006.

I’ll get back in to things for August. Likely lots of iPhone talk but I’ll try to mix in some non-iPhone talk to keep everyone happy.

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