Most Important Teams

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I thought of it as if each team won a championship, which would I be most excited about. That works for me since none of these teams have won a championship since I’ve been aware of sports (only the Sixers and PSU have won since I was born).

1. Phillies
2. Penn State Football
3. Flyers
4. Eagles
5. Sixers

I already talked about the Phillies and why they top Penn State Football. The Flyers topping the Eagles might also be surprising to some, but again, less Eagles games make each one more exciting. For me, it doesn’t get much better than watching Flyers playoff games. The Sixers easily come in at 5. I pay attention to them all year, watch a few games. I watch all the playoff games. I just don’t get into them as much as the other Philly teams.

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