Look at the CF Standings after Week 10

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I skipped last week’s look at the standings. UF clinched their division last week and Alabama did this week. So we’re done with the SEC after this week except for who will wind up in each bowl.

ACC Atlantic
Clemson and BC both have 2 losses with Clemson holding the tiebreaker, winning the matchup back in September. Clemson only has NC State and UVA remaining in conference play. BC still has UVA, UNC, and Maryland. Further down in the miracle section I think NC State and Maryland still have a chance.

ACC Coastal
GT only has one conference game remaining, against Duke. Losing that could lead to a confusing logjam at 2 losses. So we’ll worry about that if Duke wins on Saturday.

Big 12 North
Kansas State leads the division!? Nebraska also has 2 losses. These two play each other 11/21. K-State has Missouri before that and Nebraska gets Kansas.

Big 12 South
Texas hasn’t clinched yet but there isn’t much drama. The could clinch this week with a win and Ok State losing to Texas Tech.

Big East
Could be the most intriguing major conference going down the stretch. Cincy and Pitt are both at 5-0. They both play WVU before their end of the year matchup on 12/5. That means WVU just needs to beat them both and finish with a win at Rutgers to take the conference.

Big 10
This is all Ohio State now. Sadly Iowa lost their QB and fell apart. The Ohio St/Iowa game could still be interesting. Remember, OSU lost to Purdue.

Pac 10
Oregon, what have you done? My first concern was that USC might be able to jump back to the top. There are still at lot of teams at the top. Plus, after USC barely took out ASU they could potentially lost to any of Stanford, UCLA, or Arizona. At the top, it should still come down to the Oregon/Arizona game on 11/21. Although Arizona St has yet to play either of those teams, so they could cause all sorts of confusion.

Booooring. UF vs Bama. SEC Championship.

Conference USA East
East Carolina leads but there are still a lot of games to be played. Everyone still has 3 games left and 4 teams trail by just 1 game. Check back in 2 weeks.

Conference USA West
Houston and SMU with 1 loss each, but Houston beat SMU on 10/24. Houston’s last test should be this week at UCF. After that they get Memphis (2-7) and Rice (0-9)

MAC East
Temple held on against Miami on Thursday but got a bigger boost rankings wise (if your rankings go deep enough) when Navy beat ND. Temple still has Ohio and Kent State left and they are likely the only teams that can catch them.

MAC West
Central Michigan leads at 5-0. A win against Toledo this week will only leave Northern Illinois with a chance to catch them. NIU will get that chance 11/27.

Mountain West
TCU and Utah both at 5-0. That big matchup goes down on Saturday.

Sun Belt
Troy leads it at 6-0. MTSU and L-Monroe (I’m not sure how they prefer to abbreviate) are 1 game back in the loss column. Troy has wins over both of them so a Troy win in 2 weeks against Florida Atlantic will send them to the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl.

Nevada still has to play this week, but let’s say they beat San Jose St. That means Nevada and Boise St will still be the unbeatens. That game isn’t until 11/27. Still some potential excitement. Fresno State (5-1) faces Nevada this week.

These don’t really matter, but I thought it was interesting that Navy’s win put them in front of ND on the season. All of a sudden ND finishing with Pitt, UConn, and Stanford looks pretty daunting. A 6-6 season is a possibility, but I’m pretty sure they’ll win at least one of those.

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