Links for March 27th

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I thought this was a great post about why Hilary is doing so well in PA. Possibly the best thing I’ve seen written about the election so far.

Incompetent people are clueless. From this Dilbert Blog entry.

Fake Craigslist ad said everything in this guy’s house was free for the taking.

A corn flake that looks like Illinois. Personally, I think it looks more like Texas than Illinois.

Adam Carolla Show – Reinactment One of my favorite things about the Carolla Show is when they read a news item or hear a story and then do dialogue as if they are the people in the story. Confused? Well this one is an actual segment with the purpose of reenacting an event.

A home paternity test. Something tells me this will lead to a large number or practical jokes.

Celebrity Family Feud. Why did this take so long to happen?

The NFL going to require haircuts? This should wait until after the first person gets injured from being tackled by their hair. Just something I we all need to actually see, as a lesson.

Top Hybrids of 2008

A Focus Convertible? So hot.


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