Links – 9/27/06

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The Office Gaydar – In case you missed the end of The Office season premiere.

PhoneSpell – See what you can spell with your phone number.

Emo Farm

Mathematics Genius – Some excellent answers to math problems.

Weatherman attacked by Cockroach
News Guy attacked by Lizard

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Movie out in February

Get Smart on DVD – Something tells me I’m going to spend $200 on these.

Lucky Louie Cancelled – Very disappointing, they show wound up being excellent by the end of the season.

Why I Hate Zach Braff – If you didn’t figure it out this guy isn’t happy that Zach Braff is becoming the voice of his generation.

Judging your friends by their Netflix lists – Don’t let people see your queue.

Cobra Starship – New Music!

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