It’s too cold for slushies

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Today I had the desire to take a trip to Sonic for lunch. Probably because I was thinking about Sonic after writing this week’s Fives.

Now, I love me a good slushie. And going to Sonic, don’t you have to get a slushie or a shake? Of course you do. I went with Green Apple. I haven’t been to Sonic enough times to have any favorite in mind. Heck, even if I have been a lot, there are so many attractive options, how can you have a favorite?

Problem was, today it was only about 40 degrees out. I usually do a pretty good job avoiding brain freezes. With this, one sip, not even a long sip, lead to a body freeze. Didn’t even really make it to my head. For a second, I thought my heart might have frozen up.

I guess it’s time to resist the slushies until the spring, or a heat wave, or a trip south, or, most likely, my next trip to Sonic.

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