Introducing Borderline Fantastic Sports

Mike, Sports No Comment

You may have noticed over the past two weeks there have been a lot more sports posts than anything else here on Borderline Fantastic. The BF Front Page was being overloaded with them. I wanted to keep things a little more separated because the sports content has a much different audience than the usual BF content that I would still like to focus on and increase the number of those sort of posts.

I created a new home page for these posts, Borderline Fantastic Sports. You will notice that page has a different look from the rest of BF. In addition to removing full sports posts from the main page all of the sports pages also have that different look to them. Again, to try and separate them. I’m still working on that design. I’ll be tinkering more with the front page to give a little more information about new sports posts.

I hope to have a few more categories split apart to make the site easier to navigate and so you can pick your favorite sections to follow.

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