Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 7

Inter-Dis Material

Audio: m4a mp3
Running Time: 43:00

Evan on the Radio
Unhealthy Food
Gold Star Chili
-Evan’s Apartment Complex Halloween Rules
-Kids Dropped Off in Our Neighborhood
-Mystery Bags
-Different ‘Treats’
MLB Playoffs
College Football
-NCAA Top 5
-Weekly Picks
-Where did the term Red Zone come from?
Evan’s Faculty-Student Football Game

Wade Boggs Sign that was mentioned during the show, the site includes PTI clips.

NCAA Top 5
Evan: 1. Ohio State 2. Florida 3. Michigan 4. USC 5. West Virginia
Mike: 1. Florida 2. Ohio State 3. Michigan 4. West Virginia 5. USC

College Football Picks – Week 7
Virginia Tech (ME) @ Boston College, Thu 7:30
Wake Forest (M) @ NC State (E), Sat 12:00
UCLA @ Oregon (ME), Sat 3:30
Florida (ME) @ Auburn, Sat 7:45
Michigan (ME) @ Penn State, Sat 8:00

Season Records (Last Week)
Mike: 21-9 (4-1)
Evan: 18-12 (3-2)

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