Inter-Dis Material

Inter-Dis Material 6

Inter-Dis Material

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Running Time: 43:41

A look back at my first theme week: Pirate Week. Discussion about vacation ideas. The Phillies disappoint again and we make our baseball playoff predictions. I had a perfect week in college picks. Evan and I discuss one of our dream jobs. Where is Pullman, WA? And why are they doing the chomp? All that and the usual banter on this week’s show.

Pirate Week
Little League World Series of Poker
Phillies Miss the Playoffs
MLB Playoff Predictions
College Football Review
Why Aren’t We College Football Announcers?
Cougar Chomp
Suburban Universities
College Football Weekly Picks
Evan’s Staff vs. Student Flag Football Game

MLB Playoff Predictions

AL: Detroit over Minnesota
NL: St. Louis over Los Angeles
WS: Detroit over St. Louis

AL: Detroit over Minnesota
NL: Los Angeles over San Diego
WS: Los Angeles over Detroit

College Football Picks – Week 6
Penn State (M) @ Minnesota (E), Sat 12:00pm
LSU @ Florida (ME), Sat 3:30pm
Texas (M) @ Oklahoma (E), Sat 3:30pm
Tennessee (ME) @ Georgia, Sat 7:45pm
Oregon (M) @ California (E), Sat 8:00pm

Season Records (Last Week)
Mike: 17-8 (5-0)
Evan: 15-10 (3-2)

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