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Inter-Dis Material 5

Inter-Dis Material

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This week in the half way to double digits (or wow, we’ve kept this up for a month) episode we have a discussion about pirates to kick off my own pirate week. We explore some possible generation gaps, Evan has fun on an 8th grade field trip, and I dream about my Wikipedia aspirations. We try not to get our hopes up and make our picks for Week 5 of the College Football season.

Evan’s 8th Grade Field Trip
-Pushed Kid Out of Canoe
Pirate Week
-Pirates vs. Ninjas
Kiss Hello
Referring to Friends as Buddies
Why Evan is a Braves Fan
Sports Let Downs
JoePa Running off During the Game
College Football Weekly Picks
Evan’s Horse

College Football Picks – Week 5
Purdue @ Notre Dame (ME), Sat 2:30pm
Alabama @ Florida (ME), Sat 3:30pm
Oregon (ME) @ Arizona State, Sat 3:30pm
Georgia Tech (M) @ Virginia Tech (E), Sat 3:30pm
Ohio State (M) @ Iowa (E), Sat 8:00pm

Season Records (Last Week)
Evan: 12-8 (2-3)
Mike: 12-8 (3-2)

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