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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 49:46
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Evan and Mike return after a week off following the trip to Penn State for the game vs Ohio State. We discuss that event and all our usual college football topics. Evan has a story the might be a little heavy for Inter-Dis.

Evan’s Trip to Penn State
Changing opinion of someone you disliked when they have a serious injury.
Replay in MLB
College Football
ESPN Page 2 College Football Rules #34-45
-Conference Champions
-Mike going to the Penn State @ Temple game on Satuday
Evan taking his 1st sick day as a teacher – Plans to watch Reign Over Me and Evan Almighty

(We never got back to discuss why Gameday is in Williamstown, Massachusetts this Saturday. Mike and Evan don’t understand the reasoning.)

Evan: 23-27 (3-2), Mike: 21-29 (3-2)
Arkansas (E) @ Tennessee (M) (Saturday, 3:30)
Auburn (EM) @ Georgia (Saturday, 12:30)
Florida State @ Virginia Tech (EM) (Saturday, 3:30)
Virginia (M) @ Miami (FL) (E) (Saturday, 8:00)
Kansas (M) @ Oklahoma State (E) (Saturday, 8:00)

Evan: 1. Dixon 2. McFadden 3. Tebow
Mike: 1. McFadden 2. Hart 3. Dixon

ACC: Virginia (E), Virginia Tech (M)
Big 12: Kansas(M), Oklahoma (E)
Big East: Connecticut (E), West Virginia (M)
Big 10: Ohio State (EM)
Pac 10: Oregon (EM)
SEC: Florida (E), LSU (M)

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