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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 38:41
Hosts: Evan and Mike

Back from a week-long hiatus due to sickness and Phillies playoffness. Speaking of that, the baseball playoffs are underway with a new player this year: TBS. We also look at a few more of Page 2’s College Football Rules and then get into the usual things.

TBS covers MLB Playoffs
College Football
ESPN Page 2 College Football Rules #10-23
-Conference Champions
-Evan will be at the UF/USC game

Evan: 12-18 (1-4), Mike: 10-20 (3-2)
Purdue @ Michigan (EM) (Saturday, 12:00)
Wisconsin @ Penn State (EM) (Saturday, 3:30)
Louisville (E) @ Cincinnati (M) (Saturday, 7:00)
Auburn (E) @ Arkansas (M) (Saturday, 7:45)
Colorado (E) @ Kansas State (M) (Saturday, 9:15)

Evan: 1. McFadden 2. Ryan 3. Jackson
Mike: 1. Jackson 2. McFaddon 3. Ryan

ACC: Boston College (EM)
Big 12: Oklahoma (EM)
Big East: Cincinnati (M) USF (E)
Big Ten: Ohio State (EM)
Pac 10: California (M) USC (E)
SEC: Florida (E) LSU (M)

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