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Audio: mp3
Running Time: 46:16
Hosts: Evan and Mike

We return from our summer break. A look at our trips and how we got our newest Ice Cream Helmets. Evan visited Canada and found nothing but friendly people. Evan has gone Fantasy Football crazy. Time for Year 2 of College Football Picks and Heisman Picks. Plus, we’ll attempt to predict the BCS Conference Champions.

Ice Cream Helmets
Evan’s visit to Canada
Fantasy Football
-Evan has already drafted 7 teams.
College Football
-Gators wear jean shorts
Gator’s Freshman RB Chris Rainey
-College Football Picks – Week 1
-Heisman Top 3
-BCS Conference Champions

Colorado St (M) @ Colorado (E) (Saturday, noon)
Georgia Tech (M) @ Notre Dame (E) (Saturday, 3:30)
Oklahoma St (M) @ Georgia (E) (Saturday, 6:45)
Tennessee (E) @ California (M) (Saturday, 8:00)
Florida St (EM) @ Clemson (Monday, 8:00)

Evan: 1. Bromme 2. McFadden 3. Booty
Mike: 1. McFadden 2. Brennan 3. Slaton

ACC: Florida St (E), Virginia Tech (M)
Big 12: Texas (E M)
Big East: West Virginia (E M)
Big Ten: Michigan (E M)
Pac 10: USC (EM)
SEC: Florida (EM)

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