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Inter-Dis Material 22

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Audio: m4a mp3
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Hosts: Evan and Mike

Evan goes 2-0 on Groundhog Day
Poll: How does your alarm go off?
Fives: Top Five coolest jobs ever that I wish I had thought to do…
Super Bowl Commercials
College Basketball
Triple Crown
Hotel Ruling
Evan gets an odd phone call

College Basketball Picks – Week 4
Wednesday: UNC (M) @ Duke (E)
Saturday: Marquette (EM) @ Georgetown
Florida (EM) @ Kentucky

Overall (Last Week)
Evan: 8-6 (1-4)
Mike: 7-7 (2-3)

College Basketball Final Four – Week 5
Evan: Florida, North Carolina, Texas A&M, UCLA
Mike: Butler, Florida, North Carolina, Texas A&M

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