In the Moonlight (Do Me)

Mike, TV No Comment

This week’s Modern Family was fantastic. At the end, after Dylan made a great speech about how he wishes he had a family like that they asked him to sing one of his songs. Oh the suspense as you were just waiting for the song to be so so wrong. They still managed to hit it out of the park. I hope you stuck around for the credits as they jumped to each member of the family singing the song the next day as it was stuck in their head. ABC made a great move and made a music video for it.

This week Modern Family cemented the title of my favorite new show this year. Glee is really good and FlashForward could be cool (as long as it doesn’t go the way of LOST). I enjoy Modern Family the most each week and I’ve found a bunch of people that also have gotten hooked so its actually a show I can talk about. Not like some of the shows that only one or two (or no) other people watch besides me.

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