I’m not impressed by college students spelling a 4-letter state

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Welcome to the Gil Meche Era. This Royals team could be a lot of fun. At least offensively, their 5th starter is Brandon Duckworth.

Do the Phillies ever win on Opening Day? We’re done. Season’s over. Pack it up.

The Rangers changed the name of their stadium to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Apparently for the past three years its been called Ameriquest Field in Arlington. I love the name Ballpark in Arlington, probably why I apparently ignored the sponsor. I guess I can live with having Rangers in the front of it, people get confused.

Everywhere I’m reading how Devils GM Lou Lamoriello is some sort of genius, firing his coach and taking over the team. Last year he did it midseason. This year with three games left in the season. I think he’s some sort of genius too. Not because he makes these ‘bold’ moves. He’s a genius because he gets to coach the Devils in the playoffs each year without going through a whole season then getting to coach at the best time of the year. If it doesn’t work out? Not the coaches fault, he just started. Blame the GM, but everyone is fooled.

Billy Packer doesn’t think players should foul out in basketball because it doesn’t happen in any other sport. Imagine if Billy would have found football all those years ago, I think he’d be a lot happier.

Ok Gators, time for someone else to have some fun.

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