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IDM Week 6 Picks

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Mike was sick this past week and was focused on following the Phillies making the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. There was no time for Inter-Dis Material this week. Still, the picks must continue. Evan and Mike will pick up with the Heisman and Conference picks next week. Here are this week’s game picks …

Week 6 Picks
Evan: 11-14 (3-2), Mike: 7-18 (2-3)
Kentucky (M) @ South Carolina (E) (Thursday, 7:30)
Georgia (E) @ Tennessee (M) (Saturday, 3:30)
Virginia Tech @ Clemson (EM) (Saturday, 6:00)
Florida (E) @ LSU (M) (Saturday, 8:00)
Cincinnati (M) @ Rutgers (E) (Saturday, 8:00)

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