I Really Want To Like Lady Gaga

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I think the first Lady Gaga song I heard was Just Dance. I’m usually not a fan of pop like that, since so much of it is the exact same regurgitated stuff in a different package, I figured she would be no exception.

Then I noticed a lot of people, who wouldn’t normally be into that sorta thing really liking her.

Then I saw this video of what happened when she had a soundboard failure and gained a whole new level of respect for her. One of the things that drives me nuts about popular music these days is it has completely lost the ‘show must go on’ attitude, I need not mention all the lip singing scandals in recent years.  When they tried to pull her off the stage she said, “I promised them a 30 minute set, and I’m not stopping.” That is awesome, more artists should follow her example. It’s good to see a popular artist that really understands this.

Then I saw this video of a performance before she became Lady Gaga. You can’t ignore that talent. She knows how to play and man she can sing. That video knocked me over. In a same respect this is a more recent video  with an acoustic performance of Poker Face.

And most recent was this video with Elton John at the Grammy awards. It’s fantastic and I can’t in any fair mind call it anything else.

The evidence of her talent is overwhelming, you just can’t ignore it. But I can’t get into her normal pop style. It’s just not the kinda thing that sounds good to me. I feel like she isn’t playing what’s right for her… but I guess she wouldn’t get the audiences she does if she did anything else.

I guess I’ll remain a fan of her side stuff, because it is fantastic.

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