Gmail for iOS

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Working at Google this summer I wasn’t too ashamed with my iPhone. I wasn’t there for Christmas, so I didn’t get a free one. Plus, Google makes all their apps for the iPhone too. Now we have Gmail, for real, not the messed up version they released on the first try.

It’s useful to have because it’s an easy way to archive or label messages, things you can’t do easily in the Mail app. Also, push would be awesome. I could stop using the confusing Gmail on Mail since I have to choose between push and being able to delete.

One problem, push is awful. It just does sounds and badges for notifications. Meaning your phone will beep or buzz and there will be no noticeable alert. At least until you look around and notice the Gmail app badge has increased by 1.

Ok start and I’ll use it for Gmail specific actions, but no dice on it being my main way of using Gmail on the iPhone

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