Game of the Weekend

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I only saw the highlights, but I’m not sure this one can be topped. Yesterday’s Giants/Brewers game had a triple play and an extra inning walk-off HR.

Rowand grounds into a triple play in the 6th. The Giants were up 1-0 at this point and threatening to add to their lead. Rowand grounded to 3rd and the Brewers went around the horn to get the triple play. All the more impressive as Rowand isn’t slow. The Brewers then tied it in the bottom of the inning.

In the 12th, Prince Fielder hit the game winner.
Not surprising in itself. The celebration was the eye catcher. Every team does that mob at the plate these days. When Fielder did his leap to the plate and landed, the entire team fell over as if a bomb went off. Just awesome.

Game Highlights – Worth checking out the whole thing. Including a game saving dive by Kung Fu Panda in the 10th.

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