From the Notebook, Jan 20

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I base my chances with starlets on who Topher Grace is matched up with in movies. He hasn’t been in too many movies with a love interest (which is not a good sign). I remember in Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! there was Kate Bosworth, but I can’t remember if they were together or just friends. Either way Kate Bosworth was around and that’s a good thing. In Good Company he was married to Scarlett Johansson. Now he’s in Valentine’s Day. I noticed in the trailer that he appears to be with Anne Hathaway. Seems like they are purposely picking actresses that I seem to like less than everyone else does. Valentine’s Day also stars Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Jennifer Garner, and Taylor Swift. I might never see this movie so that I can stay in denial thinking that he eventually winds up with one of them in the movie.

I’ve been seeing ads for the Mac Snack Wrap and I really want one. I haven’t decided if it looks any good or not, but I want to find out. I don’t really know what is on McDonald’s wrap menu. If you are going to turn a sandwich into a wrap I think my first choice would be a McChicken Wrap.

I find it frightening that I know more people that voted for Bush than like Leno. Leno is bad, but he certainly isn’t Bush-level bad.

They are selling the new CW show Life Unexpected as Juno meets Gilmore Girls. Sadly, it does not star Ellen Page and Alexis Bledel.

Speaking of Life Unexpected. I watched the first episode and I’m hooked. It was nearly a perfect first show. There was one part I didn’t like but it’s a TV show and you have to create some drama. Having one of the characters as a radio show host is a great move. You could use it as the show’s voiceover but I like that it’s also their job, so it isn’t just thoughts from the characters head. Just what I needed too, another CW show. At least it’s replacing Gossip Girl on the schedule for a few months and when that comes back its going to replace One Tree Hill for a few weeks.

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