From the Notebook, 10/26

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I’m smarter than you think I am, but not as smart as I think I am.

Whenever I get a new pair of sneakers, I put them on and wear them around the house. It makes no sense because I’m usually just sitting on the couch watching TV. They aren’t really getting broken in. I also keep the shoebox around for months thinking it might come in handy. I had two shoe boxes that I keep anything in and I’ve owned how many pairs of shoes in my life? That’s not a ratio that shows I should be holding on to the box for more than a second.

Last time I went to get my haircut, I found a barbershop that was only open three days a week for a total of twelve hours. It was great and really cheap. So this time, when it came to a haircut, I headed back on a day I was pretty sure was on their schedule. I was right, except they went on vacation for the week. Do you need a vacation from your 12-hour a week job? If so, I want that job. I wound up at a Supercuts that was a lot more expensive and I’m not a fan of the results.

Tailgating after the Penn State game last week Laura and Sarah were surprised to see someone walking around in a banana costume. I had seen him show up and explained, ‘and there’s a gorilla in the port-a-potty.’ I said it in such a way as a grandfather might say in response to ‘you know what they say when you see a banana walking around’. A bit later the gorilla emerged from the port-a-potty and the girls had proof that I wasn’t crazy.

Oldies stations shouldn’t talk about fantasy football. If it didn’t exist in the 60s, it doesn’t exist on the oldies station. Coming out of a song, ‘That was the Dave Clark Five … how did your fantasy football team do this weekend?’, just doesn’t sound right. In fact, the oldies station shouldn’t even mention the fact they are on satellite radio. That would just blow people’s minds in the 60s.

I like that some Blu-Rays download trailers so they are more recent. However, they need to figure something out so they don’t show you a preview for the MOVIE YOU ARE ABOUT TO WATCH! I don’t like previews of the soundtrack for that movie and this is 10x worse.

For a recommendation … ESPN’s 30 for 30 Four Days in October, which is about the Red Sox 4 wins to come back and beat the Yankees in 2004 was so much fun.

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