From the Notebook – 10/15

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Heading back to my car in the parking deck one night I was confused why my lights weren’t flashing when I hit unlock. Turned out, it was another black Tiguan. I never see those. Of course, there was a car seat in the back. That seems to be a standard feature of Tiguans.

Possibly my favorite thing about school is my office. It’s my own little hideaway inside the building at school. Yes, I share it with two other students, who are both great, but when I just need to go up outside of my scheduled time, it’s usually empty. When things are stressful and everyone is running around in our MBA commons area, I can get away for some peace and quiet if only for 5 minutes.

The hardest thing I had to do so far in school? Switch which pocket I keep my wallet in. All because I started carrying my school bag, the pocket had to be switched. You won’t imagine how many times a day I’d think I forgot my wallet because it wasn’t in the usual pocket when I checked.

The worst thing to be on the TV after hitting stop on the DVR is Jeopardy. I never turn it on, but I can’t turn it off.

I saw Dinner for Schmucks at the dollar theater. I didn’t even know we had a dollar theater. And it actually cost $1! Tuesdays even the popcorn is $1, I smell a new tradition. As for the movie, it was pretty solid, especially for a dollar. On the way out they had free Sour Patch Kids samples. Win all around.

I don’t have a University of Oregon hat. I thought I should get one but I had a little problem when looking online. I couldn’t find one without a giant Nike logo.

My apartment is getting new siding. An Amish crew is getting the job done. One day I went to leave and the cherry picker basket was blocking the door. I waited a bit and was able to get out because they had it raised up. When I got outside I looked back to see an Amish guy in the basket on a cell phone. I guess they are progressive Amish.

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