Florida 07 – Day 4

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The following is a recap of Sunday, June 24. The last day of the trip.

Sunday Plan: Fly home to Philly.

My flight was scheduled to leave around 2. The airport wasn’t far away so we had a few hours to squeeze in a few stops.

First on the list was back to Philly Junction. Evan called ahead and ordered Pork Roll. I’m can’t imagine they’ve fielded that order too many times. I ran in and grabbed it. The lady told me that they sold it so I could cook it myself. I let her know I was headed back home in a few hours where I could buy it myself but I’d let Evan know. I thought he had ordered the sandwiches, but it was just four slices of pork roll. We had no utensils in the car. That issue could be dealt with after we arrived at our next destination.

Next destination: Fleamasters. A giant flea market in Fort Myers. Its been a long time since I’ve been to a flea market of any sort, so I have very little to compare to. The purpose of our visit was that Evan needed to purchase some flags and he heard that the flea market was the place to go. He needed them for his classroom. In the Fleamasters Guide Book there was not one, but three flag booths. The first one we stopped at had everything we needed.

We spent some more time wandering around hoping to find something of interest to purchase. Evan came out with a Florida Gators money clip. I saw nothing of interest that I felt like packing to take back to PA. The best both out of the entire place sold nothing but ninja supplies. Across the way was a booth of swords, I think the same guy ran them both.

After the flea market I needed something to eat before heading to the airport. We had not gone to Steak N Shake during my trip so that was the obvious choice. I just went with a steakburger and banana shake. I didn’t want to over do it before getting on a plane.

In our travels during the day I had built up a pretty solid lead in License Plate Game. However, on the way to the airport we passed a ton of vanity plates and Evan got just about every one of them and wound up winning the day and the trip. I was so close to becoming the first passenger ever to win a trip, the driver may lose a day or two during any trip but has never lost an overall trip.

The Fort Myers airport was terrific. There was no line for the US Air kiosk and as soon as my luggage tag printed a guy was waiting to check my bag. I was at my gate within minutes arriving. On the plane there I did have someone in my row this time, but the middle seat was still empty. My issue was with a person in the row in front of me who quickly became friends with the guy in front of me. I don’t know how you can get to talking about politics so quickly after just meeting someone, especially in cases when you have no clue what you are talking about. Here’s a helpful tip: don’t make broad generalizations based on what your friends’ uncle’s cousin’s pet’s mom has told you.

An incredibly quickly trip this year. Way too quick, but we had to work with the time we were both available. Also the Marlins and Devil Rays both had to be home, since that was the goal of this particular trip. With the Braves the only east coast team I’ve yet to visit its time to start thinking about going a little further west. Only 20 stadiums to visit at this point. Plus I have to return to a few places to get Ice Cream Helmets and three cities will be getting new stadiums very soon (DC and both New York teams).

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