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Evan’s Week 1 of College Football

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#1 – BYU has a legit shot to play for the national championship.  They still play FSU, TCU, and Utah – all ranked teams.  If those teams keep their seasons at 2 losses or better, then BYU’s s.o.s. won’t be the worst in the world, and if they and OU win out the rest of the way, I would just love to see the arguments made for the two of them.

#2 – Navy almost upsetting Ohio St.  I wasn’t even excited about the possibility of this.  Don’t get me wrong, I was paying attention when Navy was making a charge, but once they threw the pick, my reaction was essentially “of course, this is what always happens with Ohio St.”

#3 – I was wrong about Ok State, they’re pretty good.

#4 – SEC goes 11-1 opening weekend. (Okay, so 2-1 against BCS conferences, and 9-0 against grandmas, but i still like pointing it out.)

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