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It’s been a while since I loaded up ESPN360. Probably since early in the college football season when there would be an upset in the making that wasn’t on any of my TV channels. It wasn’t great the best. It seemed to slowdown my whole computer.

I checked it out today because of all the conference tournaments going on. I wanted to see what games I could listen to while I was at work. The key games during the day were both at 2:30: Villanova/Marquette and St. Joe’s/Temple. The Big East is solid, they provide audio for the games free on bigeast.tv. The A10, not so much. On ESPN360 all the games from the Big East, ACC, Big 12, and SEC are on there. Live and replay. The new player is much improved. Videos load up quickly and things run smoothly.

The live video helped out when I saw the Kansas/Baylor game was tight at the end. I was able to watch the last minute as Baylor held off Kansas. For the Villanova game I listened to the 1st half before having a meeting. On the way home I wasn’t able to find it on the radio until just after it ended. Still, I went on ESPN360 and was able to load up the replay and watch the last minute of the game and see what led to the last second game winner.

ESPN360 isn’t available to many. I get it because I have FIOS. With the login I can use it on any internet connection. I think ESPN treats it like a channel, charging per subscriber, no matter who uses it. I don’t know how much it costs but it doesn’t seem like a fair model. There is enough disagreement when it comes to carrying expensive channels for just sports fans. Now that I know it runs smoothly and that they have a lot of college football and basketball I’d be winning to pay a few bucks a month to have access to it.

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