Door-to-Door Ticket Sales

Mike No Comment

I don’t like people coming to the door trying to sell me stuff. I never trust it. In college I fell for the magazine trick. There is $20 I’ll never see again.

Last week 3 guys came to the door. Two is the limit. Three just seems like you’re up to something. I’m not going to fall for the intimidation factor. Only one of the guys even spoke. Were they supposed to split up and just decided not to? Otherwise, why are they paying all three of them?

They had an offer for me, spend the equivalent you’d spend on 2 Sixers tickets and get vouchers for 6 tickets. So roughly $100 for six tickets. Not a bad deal. I have some questions. Who is going to 6 Sixers games because someone came to the door? I’m guessing you could use multiple coupons at once, but they didn’t push that angle.

My other concern is how do I have any idea these guys are legit. Coupons for tickets? Real tickets wouldn’t work either since you’d have no idea what someone would want to buy. Even if you did have real ones, I wouldn’t trust those either. What they should do is sell me on it and then give me a flyer. Send me to a web site that I deem as legit. Preferably the Sixers site, but its also possible this is some sort of outside party. Then have me enter a code that will show that I am buying from this person. Make the code required to get into the site to get the deal, otherwise people would forget. The people walking around could potentially make more sales. Still sell it the regular way, you’ll get those people who fold under pressure. You’d also get the suspicious people like me, who’d like to take advantage of the deal but are concerned about giving money to a stranger at the door.

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