Do you look like a celebrity? Or been compared to one but you don’t see it?

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Everyone knows mine, Topher Grace, but let’s look at the history. It started early in high school, when That 70s Show first became popular. My friends from North Penn would always come over to hang out at my dad’s during my every other weekend there. They started calling me Eric. I just assumed I behaved somewhat like him and it was my house that we always hung out at.

Later in high school when working at Genuardi’s, my produce assistant manager had just seen Traffic. He would ask me multiple times per day if I was free-basing coke in the cooler. Still, I didn’t really see it.

It finally clicked when Win a Date with Tad Hamilton was coming out. My step-dad saw a picture of Topher on the set of the movie in Entertainment Weekly. He was blown away. When I got to see it, I was also shocked. He looked exactly like me. You could have convinced me that it was me and I had forgotten the picture was taken. I did a quick search but couldn’t find the picture. If you saw that movie you can’t miss the similarities. He had the short, spikey, dark hair. On That 70s Show he always had the big hair, which is why I didn’t see it. I went with Lindsay to see that movie, she wanted me to pretend I was him. It would have been a good way to meet people. This was also around the time when he cut back his 70s Show work. I always joked that I should have tried to contact the show and proposed that I come on as a replacement as his cousin. I shouldn’t have just joked, that actually would have been a great idea.

It’s nice to have an easier answer to this question, but I’ve always worried that it will negatively impact my chances of being a famous actor.

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