Craig James Doesn’t Care For Evidence

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After the USC loss to Oregon State, our trusty announcers break down the ramifications and the potential #1s.

Jesse Palmer mentions Georgia and Alabama. Jesse Palmer, you’re going places. Way to promote the network. Saturday, 7:45, ESPN, be there.

Chris Fowler mentions Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma, and Penn State.

Fowler: “Nittany Lions took apart this Oregon State team. I know it was a different venue, a different situation, but, it gives Penn State a little bit of a boost. Maybe.”
Craig James: “What about Wisconsin?”
Fowler: “They didn’t play Oregon State, Penn State killed this team.”

That’s right Chris Fowler. What’s your deal Craig James, did you go to Wisconsin? (He went to SMU.)

Post-Game: Jesse Palmed went with Penn State ‘dismantled’ Oregon State.

Either Penn State is really good or Oregon State picked a really terrible airline to get to State College.

This Illinois game just got a whole lot bigger.

PSU 45 OSU 14
OSU 27 USC 21

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