College Football Week 7 Preview

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Cincinnati @ South Florida, Thursday 7:30pm
Evan: Battle of the Big East. Is this worthy of being a picture in picture while I’m watching the phils game? I don’t think so, but I will check in on it from time to time. Watching USF dismantle FSU made me a believer. Their QB is a stud and Cincy is overrated. Pick: Bulls
Matt: It is hard for me to judge either of these teams based on who they have played. I feel like Cincy has played more quality teams. South Florida will keep it close early on behind the home crowd before Cincinnati pulls away late. Pick: Bearcats
Ahad: I haven’t closely followed either one of these teams. So I am going to have to stick with my gut instincts. Pick: Cincy
Mike: I’m stepping into a trap here as I already learned this year to not underestimate USF in a big game. I just can’t get off the Cincy bandwagon, I just like this Tony Pike kid. I am happy that USF has found another QB that could help them be a force in the Big East for a few more years. Pick: Cincinnati

Oklahoma vs Texas (Dallas, TX), Saturday 12pm
Evan: What’s not to like about Texas? Solid D and Colt McCoy is playing for the Heisman he has yet to win. Pick: Longhorns
Matt: Bradford vs. McCoy again. This should be fun. Texas had a little hiccup last week before eventually pulling away. The same thing happened to Oklahoma last week with Bradford’s return. I think Texas is just a little better right now. Pick: Longhorns
Ahad: Bradford is back and the Big 12 title game and BCS bowl are still legitimate possibilities. The Sooners have nothing to lose in this game and will be extremely aggressive on both sides of the ball. Pick: Sooners
Mike: Ahad picking the Sooners, I did not see that coming. I can’t imagine this game being as crazy as last season. Somebody must have learned a little bit of defense, right? This is Colt McCoy’s game and his Heisman winner. Too bad there is that Clausen kid who I believe was given the award this week. Pick: Texas

USC @ Notre Dame, Saturday 3:30pm
Evan: As much as I would love to see a ND upset, it’s just not in the cards. USC already got their 1 loss out of the way. Pick: Trojans
Matt: This represents probably the best chance Notre Dame has had at beating USC in several years. That doesn’t mean they will do it. They ARE still coached by Charlie Weis, ya know. Pick: Trojans
Ahad: Home field means nothing in this matchup, USC doesn’t lose twice in a season to an inferior opponent. Pick: USC
Mike: What exactly did Clausen do to earn all this Heisman talk this week? I feel like I’ve watched a lot of ND games this season. They are always having to come back at the end. The question here should have been how many TDs will USC win by? I’m thinking 2-3. Pick: USC

California @ UCLA, Saturday 3:30pm
Evan: Cal needs to show that the Oregon game was a fluke. UCLA’s most impressive win is Tennessee, which is hardly impressive. Pick: Cal
Matt: Cal has had a rough couple of weeks but I think they will get back on track this week. UCLA will keep it close, though. Pick: Golden Bears
Ahad: Cal is a very unpredictable team, but I think Best will be on his game for this matchup. UCLA will not be able to stop the running game. Pick: Cal
Mike: Dear Cal, I don’t like you. It’s not that I have anything against your school. I actually like the school, up there behind the Oregons as far as the Pac10 is concerned. I just don’t like you because of that Oregon game. That was such a disgrace that it still bothers me, even though I was pleased with the Ducks win. I just had to get that off my chest. UCLA is terrible. Pick: California

Virginia Tech @ Georgia Tech, Saturday 6pm
Evan: Va Tech is for real. Pick: Hokies
Matt: Va Tech is playing really well right now, but this should be a tough test. However, their defense is much more stout than Ga. Tech’s, and they should be able to keep Ga Tech’s offense in check. Pick: Hokies
Ahad: V-Tech will be able to contain the option attack of the Yellow Jackets. The one dimensional nature of the Yellow Jackets offense will hurt them in this matchup. Pick: V-Tech
Mike: I want to pick GT. To me they are a not as good version of Nebraska and VT already beat Nebraska, if just barely. That’s where the not as good part will come in. Pick: Virginia Tech

Average Games
Virginia @ Maryland – I’ve had my eye on this one for a few weeks. Of course Maryland beat Clemson and Virginia beat up on Indiana. So this still should be a good game, but the teams aren’t as terrible as I would have hoped.
Illinois @ Indiana – Indiana is terrible, but this is the battle for 11th in the Big 10.

Matt 18-12 (4-1)
Evan 16-14 (4-1)
Mike 16-14 (4-1)
Ahad 15-15 (4-1)

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