College Football Week 6 Preview

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Evan is on a field trip, so his picks were submitted via text message with no explanation of his logic. Except I can guess he would say nothing about the UF game as to ‘not jinx it’.

Houston @ Mississippi State, Saturday 12:30pm
Ahad: I don’t pretend to know too much about either school in this matchup. I am just going with my gut. Pick: Houston
Matt: Houston surprisingly was taken out by UTEP last week as they put up 58 points on them. I feel like Houston was exposed last week and won’t surprise anyone anymore. Mississippi State has hung tough with their other SEC opponents, especially LSU. Their home field advantage will help them out in this one. Pick: Mississippi State
Mike: Never underestimate that powerhouse offense at UTEP. Miss St did get blown out by Auburn earlier in the year but have hung with LSU and Georgia Tech in the past few weeks. I’m going to guess that someone on the staff watched a tape of UTEP. Pick: Mississippi State
Evan: Mississippi State

Alabama @ Mississippi, Saturday 3:30pm
Ahad: Home field advantage will provide Ole Miss with an edge in this game. I don’t see Snead having another bad game. Pick: Mississippi
Matt: This looks to be a good game between two SEC powers. Alabama is more battle tested, so I like them to win on the road.
Pick: Alabama
Mike: This was a premiere matchup a few weeks ago. Bama hasn’t played anyone since the 1st week. They should be able to do everything USC was able to do to beat Ole Miss. Pick: Alabama
Evan: Alabama

Georgia Tech @ Florida State, Saturday 8pm
Ahad: The talk this week has been about how some people want Bowden out after this season. Hasn’t this been going on for the last few years? The players should be used to this distraction by now and should be able to focus on the game. The question is whether the defense will be able to control the option game of G-Tech. I don’t see that happening. Pick: G-Tech
Matt: Seriously, how does Florida State lose to Boston College? I just don’t get this team. And how many FSU games have we picked this year already? Seems like every week so far. They are back at home and favored in this ballgame, but I think Georgia Tech’s running game will be too much for FSU’s defense. Pick: Georgia Tech
Mike: Interesting. They love controversy at FSU, and this one hasn’t caused any players to get suspended. I’d love nothing more than to watch a FSU tailspin, they still have talent. But I just can’t do it. FSU can’t run and GT will pound you. Pick: Georgia Tech
Evan: Georgia Tech

Florida @ LSU, Saturday 8pm
Ahad: The big question is going to be whether or not Tebow is going to play. I have a feeling that he will and it will turn into an overhyped story about how great Tebow is that he is a warrior and a lot of other crap like that. This game will be about how well the Gators defense plays, not the offense. Pick: Florida
Matt: You’re right Ahad…is Tebow going to play? And you are also right about Florida’s defense. They are still intact and playing well. I think they will be the difference in the game, with or without Tebow. Pick: Florida
Mike: Still don’t think LSU is a Top 4 team. I think Tebow will play and be just fine. The Gator fans will still be a little nervous in the 4th but they’ll pull it out. Glad some of these SEC teams can start beating each other. Pick: Florida
Evan: Florida

Michigan @ Iowa, Saturday 8:05pm
Ahad: This game will be a big test for Michigan as afar as comparing themselves to the rest of the Big 10. Forcier makes a lot of pick plays, but with that comes big mistakes and last week was an example of that. Iowa is a solid, not spectacular football team. The game will be close, but Iowa will win. Pick: Iowa
Matt: Iowa is a very interesting team. They tend to play at the level of their competition which explains their just barely beating their weaker opponents. Iowa reminds me of a team like the Steelers or Patriots. Always well coached and great at the fundamentals. Michigan made a nice comeback last week but came up short. This will be a tough game for them, definitely a barometer game. It will probably be a close game, but Iowa’s defense will make just enough plays to keep Forcier and the rest of their offense in check. Pick: Iowa
Mike: Finally, can everyone agree Michigan isn’t very good? Forcier makes plays because he has no other choice. All of his ‘highlights’ are scrambling, trying to get something to open up. Iowa will get pressure and take him down. Pick: Iowa
Evan: Iowa

Average Games
Purdue @ Minnesota
– Evenly matched teams? Or is Purdue just ahead of Illinois?
Indiana @ Virginia – The exact type of matchup I started doing this segment for.
Arizona @ Washington – Can UW get 2 Pac10 wins? Or are they just getting up for big games?

Standings (Standings updated to reflect some updated picks Evan made via text message earlier in the season.)
Matt 14-11 (4-1)
Evan 12-13 (3-2)
Mike 12-13 (2-3)
Ahad 11-14 (2-3)

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