College Football Week 3 Preview – Thursday

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Georgia Tech @ Miami (FL), Thursday 7:30pm
Mike: GT won this one last year 41-23. Miami is one of a long list of teams considered improved this season. It’s remarkable how many teams are qualifying for that. Once more conference play gets going, that will sort this self out. What’s that? This is a conference game? Technically, Miami is improved if they lose by less than 18. I think they can accomplish that. GT had to have learned something from that Clemson game. If they don’t blow that lead, I don’t think anyone considers Miami to have a shot in this game. Miami can’t possibly give up as many yards on the ground as they did last year, but I don’t know where the offense is going to come from. Pick: Georgia Tech
Evan: I was more impressed with Miami last week than I have been in years, but thats not saying much. Of course, FSU’s performance against J State doesn’t help the U’s image. Still, it’s a night game in Miami, which means fans will be packing heat. I’m going for the upset. Pick: Miami
Matt: I was surprised to see Miami was favored in this game, even at home. It is really hard to gauge how good this Miami team is now, following Florida State’s struggle with Jacksonville State. Georgia Tech seemed to have no trouble with J’ville State in their opener. I think Tech has too much offense for the ‘Canes. Pick: Georgia Tech
Ahad: The young Miami defense will have trouble stopping the option attack of G-Tech. Miami will not be able to put up enough points to stay in the game. Pick: G-Tech

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