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College Football Picks
NFL Picks

Now that the AP Poll is out for College Football both games are now all set to go.

Most of the features available in both games are pretty similar. In both, the ICH Picks are based on the spread. For created groups there are options for using the spread, wager points, weeks dropped, and pick deadline (before 1st game or each game).

College Football offers a bunch of additional options for which games are picked. You can choose to include any combination of Top 25 games, individual conferences, or individual teams. You can also choose if games against FCS teams should be included.

Changed for this year to make things easier, all your picks are the same across groups based on if the group uses the spread or not. Any picks in groups that use the spread will automatically be registered as your ICH Picks. That should help people compete with me, I won both last year. Wager Points will need to be set for each group. On my to-do list is a single page to make all your picks and Wager Points.

Make College Football Picks
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