Clips from Monday

Mike, TV No Comment

I’d seen clips from CPAC and heard about them over the weekend. I imagined it was pretty terrible. Thankfully The Daily Show just played the worst bits right in a row.

I don’t know anyone who watches the Bachelor. Well, I don’t know anyone who has admitted they watch. Apparently the guy wound up picking one but then changing his mind. I’m not sure, but I enjoyed watching Kimmel tear into him. He was on Kimmel when the show first started and I don’t think Jimmy liked him very much then, so he didn’t have much trouble last night. On a side note, I love the JKL YouTube page, especially since ABC is the worst out of the streaming options.

Fallon premiered last night. I didn’t expect much and I didn’t get much. I think his best bet is going to be going the viral route and hoping people start watching the show. Conan had so many great bits but I never really noticed anything besides Triumph clips taking off online. The best part of the show was Justin Timberlake doing his John Mayer and Michael McDonald impressions. You should thank me for not sharing anything from the DiNero interview.

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